About Event

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Neuromuscular Drug Development Summit

Developing Clinically Curative Therapeutics for Neuromuscular Disorders & Putting the Patient First

Biopharma are on the cusp of developing life-changing therapeutics for neuromuscular disorders.

The field of neuromuscular drug development is at an inflection point, yet demonstrating clinical efficacy and effectiveness remains the bottleneck. Now in its 3rd year, capturing this rapid progress and putting a tighter lens on addressing the clinical drug development challenges, the virtual Neuromuscular Drug Development Summit is the industry’s definitive forum dedicated to helping you scale the hurdles preventing curative therapeutics for neuromuscular disorders. 

With emphasis on SMA, DMD, DM1 and ALS, this summit will put the spotlight on developing drugs which target the core mechanisms of disease. Across 3 packed days, 22 thought-leaders will share their insights enabling you to: validate clinically meaningful endpoints to prove drug efficacy; optimize your clinical trial design to define the right patient populations and dosing regimens and evaluate approaches to integrate biomarkers into your programs.

Uniting drug developers and academics from all corners of the world, the virtual Neuromuscular Drug Development Summit is your opportunity to discuss recent advances in this fast-evolving field, convey lessons learned and network to build long-lasting partnerships. 

2 Interactive Workshops

Live Q&A Sessions

3 Panel Discussions

4+ Hours of Networking